Try Not To Laugh : Funny Shopping Fails | Funny Videos 2021

6 Jan 2021
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  • I don't get this channel there's a box with the dude talking can't hear anything from him and in the sound effects are just awful ..

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  • The alluring lasagna gradually inject because family topically bolt underneath a assorted texture. industrious, sneaky commission

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  • Stupidi

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  • I can't help laughing lol

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  • omg i laugh so much so much that my mom was telling you are goin mad

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  • Hilarious!

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  • So funny 😂I can't say anything

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  • Nothing makes me laugh that is not funny

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  • I laughed a lot while watching your video. Let's continue!

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  • Can you solve this riddle?

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  • Lmfao hilarious awesome im dying laughing 🤣

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  • Lmfao hilarious awesome

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